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How it all Started.....

    About 15 years ago a friend  dropped off a bag of coffee for me.

He said, "Try this, It's home roasted."   

Home roasted....... ?? I have to learn more about this.

   After research and asking a lot of questions I bought a popcorn popper, green coffee and roasted my first batch.... I was hooked. 

   Through the years I had a few different styles of home roasters and tested many single origins, blends, roast levels, and methods of brewing. All the while wishing I could someday roast coffee commercially and share with others.

Picking the Name "Aspen Gold Coffee".......

     When picking a name for our business we wanted to reflect  "Comfort".

I thought of the calm comforting rustle of the Quaking Aspens in Gold fall color. 

Aspen is the most common tree in the state of Minnesota......

So "Aspen Gold Coffee" was chosen as the name for our Business.

2020-10-09 16.44.02
2020-10-02 15.10.31
2020-10-08 12.31.41
2020-10-02 14.27.15

Next.......Location, Location, Location

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